New Components Requests

If there’s a component you would like us to add to our parts library, please let us know!

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7-segment displays (1 or more digits) would be amazing!

@MotorHead Thanks for letting us know! We’ll add some 7-segment displays to our next update.

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DIP switch blocks would be great!

We’ll add some DIP switch blocks in the next update also! By the way, we should be releasing our next update later this week.

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We just added a couple of 7-Segment displays and DIP switches in V0.5.2! Sorry for the delay getting that update out.

Awesome! I noticed that the DIP switches had a confusing pin layout and was wondering if there was a reason for them differing from the normal layout (they have a pin layout like a regular DIP chip with equal pins on both halves of the breadboard).

That was an oversight on my part. Sorry about that!
I just added a fix for the DIP switches (amongst some other big changes) that we’ll send out with the next update.

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I could not find a relay anywhere. I tried to make one in component creator. Can I make one by attaching a solenoid to a switch? I would like to see a relay added to the parts list.

I would like to see a rcwl 0516 microwave doppler radar motion sensor added to the parts list.

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Another useful component would be a programmable timer

@gordon Thanks for adding a components request!

We’re aiming to push an update later today / tomorrow - as part of that update, I’ve added a couple of relays as well as the RCWL 0516 motion sensor. I’ll let you know as soon as that’s released.

We’ll also work on adding the timer relay as part of a follow-up release. I’ll ask our designer to put together a graphic for that part.

Currently, the GUI component creator doesn’t have enough flexibility to define these components. We’re actively working on revamping it so it’s much easier to use.

Thank you for the response. I have a 4 foot flying saucer with programmable led lights. I have solar power to a battery. It has light dark sensor but need to add a motion detector timer because the battery will only power it for 8 hours. The motion detector will trigger the timer so it is not running all the time. The rcwl motion detector does not have enough power to trigger the timer so I added a light sensor to cupel with the rcwl sensor, the sensor can turn on an led and the light sensor will turn on a relay. So somewhere in the circuit there is a problem and it just turns on and off. Trouble shooting in cirkit is easier than in real life but I am stuck with limited components available. I am glad you can add the needed components.

I saw a voltage regulator but no way to assign a value. Can you add a 7805 or other regulators to the integrated circuits menu?

I saw potentiometers but no way to assign a value. Is there a way to do this?

I’m glad Cirkit is helping you troubleshoot you project, but it’s really useful to know that we need to expand the component options available.

We just released an update yesterday that includes some relays and the RCWL motion sensor. (the update was released for Windows and Mac - we’ll release the update for Linux today in case you’re using Linux)

Our next update will include a major upgrade to the component options available. I can also add some regulators (including the 7805), the timer relay, and update our potentiometers to display an editable value as part of that next update.

Feel free to let me know if there’s anything else specific you’d like included!

I use adjustable voltage regulators like this I would like to see added. XL4015 5A DC Buck Step-down Adjustable Voltage Power Converter w/ LED Voltmeter 845832027937 | eBay

Just one more component for my project, addressable rgb led light strips. There are many out there with different lengths and number of leds. I am using a 15 ft strip controlled by arduino. They have 3 pins, power, ground and signal. addressable rgb led strip | eBay

I’ll ask our graphic designer to lay out these parts this week!

We’re planning another update released ~1.5 weeks from now, so we’ll aim to have these parts added by then.

I’ll let you know as soon as they’re in.

I can not find a Laser Receiver Non-modulator Tube Sensor Module For Arduino in your components.