New Components Requests

I can not find a Laser Module For Arduino in your components.

I can not find a LaserLaser2 in your components.

@jriser Thanks for putting in a components request, and welcome to the community!
I’ll make sure to get this into our next update.

If there’s any other features you would find useful, feel free to let me know!


@gordon I hope your project is going well!

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I just wanted to let you know that we added the components you requested as part of our latest update (released last week).

If there’s anything I missed, or any other components you need, please let me know!

We’re adding the ability to add text labels and annotations to the circuit as part of our next release, which should make it easier to label and differentiate the regulators and other components.

Thank you. I noticed a lot of new additions and components.

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Hi There. This looks like an excellent project.

It would be great to have support for some additional microprocessors such as ESP32.

Hi @DustyM

Thank you for checking out Cirkit Studio and thanks for the suggestion!

We currently have a couple ESP32 boards under the Internet of Things, Adafruit, and Sparkfun categories. Are there any specific ESP32 boards that you think are worth adding? I’m more than happy to work on adding them to our library.



How about adding the Elegoo Prototype shield?

@jimcint We can definitely add this. Would you be able to post a link to the part? I see various results pop up for me on Google searching for Elegoo prototype shield.

Glad to. I think the part was originally created by Adafruit.

The one I’m using is similar, see below:

Like a breadboard, these have dedicated ground and power rails and they have several pins for the same functions (e.g., each of the digital inputs).

I’d like to see the ESP32-Cam and ESP8266-12E boards.

I just started playing with Cirkit Designer, looks good so far.

Great suggestions! We’ll work on adding those as part of the next update.

By the way, have you noticed anything major missing from Cirkit Designer that would be useful, for circuit design, diagramming, or any other problems / use cases you might have?

Hi guys, brand new to Cirkit Designer. Only two suggestions I have is the ability to program/simulate arduino code and individual NeoPixel LEDs.

Hi, any plans to add the Adafruit CP2104 Friend?

We have a big update coming out very soon (~2 weeks), so I’ll make sure we add the Adafruit CP2014 Friend as part of the update!

Micro switch like Adafruit Micro Switch w/Roller Lever - Three Terminal

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