Which licence for Cirkit?

I really enjoy see new project! That’s great, and as I’m a free software creator (specifically for Arduino boards and learning: Blockly@rduino) Iwas wondering if your work is also a free software?
Which licence specifically did you choose?
Many thanks.

Hi @SebSeb,

Thanks for your question and for posting to our Forum. Yep, our software is free!
Our source code is proprietary, but we’re very open to possible collaborations.



thanks for answering. In fact I was looking for a simulator and interface it with my graphical programmaing software.
I tried to recreate a JS-Fritzing (https://github.com/A-S-T-U-C-E/HackCable), but I have no time to work on it, because I’m working on new BlocklyDuino (https://github.com/BlocklyDuino/BlocklyDuino-v2).
But maybe we could work together on a toolchain…


If your code is proprietary, which licence? How anyone has this kind of information?
I think I could help on accelerating wire framework and create a simulator, can you contact me to discuss about me?