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Welcome to the Cirkit Project Hub! This is the place for sharing and discussing electronics projects designed using Cirkit Studio. Please don’t hesitate to post any cool projects you are working on, or to check out what others are working on. This is also the place to share feedback on Cirkit Studio. If you’ve found a bug, have a feature request, or have any other feedback, please post it! We want to make Cirkit Studio the best tool for circuit design and prototyping, and we’ll need your feedback to get there.

I am looking forward to trying your software. Hopefully it will make designing small projects MUCH faster than some of the others out there.


I am hoping this make simple circuits simple and easier to troubleshoot

Hi Mark and Floyde101, welcome to Cirkit!

I’m very excited to hear your interest in our software and I’m eager to get it into your hands. We’re just doing final testing now, so we should hopefully be able to release Cirkit Studio to you very soon.

Hi there! i cant find a way to download the software, I signed up but dint get a promo code or a download link.


Hi CristalandLasers,

Thank you for joining our community!

My apologies for the confusion. Cirkit Studio is currently available for a small group of beta testers, which is why our website is requesting a download link.

We’re working on making our first public release available as soon as possible, which should happen very soon.

We will send out an email to everyone who’s signed up as soon as we make the release available!

I really appreciate your patience.

– Austin and the Cirkit Team

Hi Austin and the Cirkit Team,

I found your SW while I was looking for simulators for Arduino, it looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing its capabilities and features. I also have a quick question. I saw on your videos and on your site that you have an Arduino UNO for simulation, I would like to ask if you have other Arduino Boards like Mega, DUE(this one is the one I’m looking for actually), etc.


Hi Ale,

Thank you for your interest in Cirkit!

Our initial release actually will not include a simulator. Its capabilities will be primarily useful for circuit design, debugging, and documentation.

Our tentative plan after the initial release is to begin working on more substantial features, which we’ll push out via periodic updates. We’re thinking of tackling these new features with the following priority in mind:

  • A coding IDE, with the focus on Arduino Sketch (which eventually will offer intelligent integration with circuit layout)
  • Intelligent wiring recommendations for common sub-circuit layouts
  • Simulation capabilities (at first purely analog, followed by digital elements including the Arduino UNO, and beyond that we may look to expand to other devices, within and beyond the Arduino ecosystem)

I’m not sure yet how our timing will work out in terms of simulation capabilities, but it will probably be a little while until we support simulation beyond the Arduino UNO.

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