Rotate Components

In a lot of cases, a component needs to be rotated to fit in a tight space or to optimize power flow (resistors, capacitors, LEDs, etc.). This would be a useful feature to add, especially for fitting lots of small components close to ICs.

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Thanks for putting this on our radar! We’ve received a lot of requests to support component rotation, so this is definitely a high priority for us to add.

We should be able to add support for this and some of the other major feature upgrades we’ve been discussing in the coming weeks. Our new feature implementation slowed down a bit this and last week, since we’ve been focusing on improving our infrastructure and adding support for Linux.

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@MotorHead Just wanted to update you that our latest version (V0.5.3) supports component rotation!

I love it, especially that there are two locations for the rotation buttons. Would adding a keyboard or mouse shortcut be beneficial as well?

I definitely think that would be helpful - thanks for the suggestion! I just added a keyboard ‘r’ shortcut that will make it into our next update.

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