New Version Not Automatically Applied

In the transition between v0.5.1 and v0.5.2, the program downloads the new version but does not automatically close itself and install the update. The program can be closed manually and upon opening again, it prompts the user to download and install the new version.

Thanks for pointing out this issue! We’re going to make an official post about it in a day or two - there was an issue with the auto-updater in 5.1, which is now fixed with 5.2.

On Mac, as you mentioned, you need to manually close and reopen Cirkit Studio.
On Windows, you’ll unfortunately need to reinstall Cirkit Studio to fix the issue.

We’re really sorry about the inconvenience.

Everything works properly now, thank you!

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Awesome, I’m glad to hear it’s working correctly now!

The download for v.0.5.4 is taking an unusually long time to complete. I let it download for more than an hour and it only downloaded 7.24%. Is it a large update?

Sorry for the trouble with the auto-update, and thanks for mentioning the issue. Did it ever finish downloading for you?

The size of the download should be the same as previous updates. Also I tried updating again myself last night, and the speed seemed to be okay.

We’re using Github to manage our releases, so it’s possible they’re throttling the download speed. If this didn’t resolve for you, I can look into this further and see if we need to change how we’re handling the auto-update.