Integrated Arduino IDE

We think that an integrated Arduino IDE would be very powerful for our users. This would let you design your circuits and code in a single software package (Cirkit Studio).
In addition, integration between circuit design and code could help streamline the whole prototyping experience.

We would love to hear your thoughts on whether you would find this useful.


YES, this would be amazing!

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Awesome, thanks for letting us know!

We’re going to start prototyping the IDE.

Do you have a timeframe for including the IDE. TinkerCad is missing some key elements, and it would be great to simulate my design before I trying to actual construct it.

Hi pjt,

We’re estimating some time in the next 2-4 months for the Arduino IDE. However, the IDE won’t include a simulator - the simulator may come some time over the next year.

What type of circuit are you trying to build?
Since our simulator won’t be available in the immediate future, I would recommend diagramming your circuit and publishing for a design review on a Reddit (ex: r/PrintedCircuitBoard, r/DIYElectronics) or Facebook forum.

In addition / alternatively, breadboarding should be a good option to quickly test / iterate on the design of your circuit before building anything more permanent such as a PCB.



Thank you for the response. I am trying to build a heated and vented enclosure for a 3d printer, so it will include buttons for an arduino menu, relays, temperature sensors, fans, leds, etc. I will try to test in using a breadboard, but it is my first time using an arduino, writing the code, and using most of the electrical components so I dont think I will ever get it to work without simulating it first. (Tinkercad doesnt include the arduino mega, so so far, I have had to split the program into two to test it out without running out of pins). Again thanks for the response and good luck on your program, I will keep checking back on the progress.

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If the main function of the enclosure is to maintain a certain temperature, a PID control loop would do the job, and give you the ability to tweak the control loop parameters after the fact. I built a smoker temperature controller with a PWM intake fan where the PID control loop controlled fan speed to hit the target temperature.

Look up PID control loops, they are very simple to implement, and extremely flexible.