Cirkit Studio V0.5.3 with Component Rotation!

Hello Cirkit Community,

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and I’m excited to share some new features that you’ve requested!

We just released an update to Cirkit Studio (V0.5.3) with support for component rotation as well as the ability to edit the number of breadboards! Check out our release notes to learn more about this and upcoming features we’re working on.

Component Rotation

You can now rotate components clockwise and counter-clockwise.


Edit the Number of Breadboards

You can also now add and remove breadboards!


We have several really cool features in our pipeline which we’ll be releasing in the next 1-2 months. Please stay tuned!


Austin on behalf of the Cirkit Design Team

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Which hardware versions allow adding and removing breadboards, and how does one see which version they’re using after the project file has been made?

Sorry for not responding sooner.

Regular Breadboard is the version that supports adding / removing boards. We deprecated Hardware V1+ in the latest release, so regular breadboard is the only option moving forward.

As a one-time manual step, you can convert your file to Regular Breadboard by opening up the cirkit file .json text. You should see the file begin with:


If you switch to hardware version 0, you should be good to go.