Cirkit Studio V0.5.2 with Improved Wiring UI!

Hello Cirkit Community,

I’m excited to share our latest features with you!

We just released an update to Cirkit Studio (V0.5.2) with an improvement to the UI for placing wires on the breadboard! Check out our release notes to learn more about this and upcoming features we’re working on.

New UI to Place Wires

You can now drag directly between breadboard pins to place wires. We’ve also added mouse-over highlighting of breadboard pins for a more intuitive experience.

May-17-2021_14-41-35 (2).gif

Important Note: I do want to mention that there was a bug with the auto-updater in V0.5.1 on Windows and Mac that prevents a successful auto-update.

  • On Windows, to upgrade to V0.5.2 you’ll need to download and install the latest version of Cirkit Studio from our website.

  • On Mac, after the auto-update download completes, you will need to manually close Cirkit Studio. Upon re-opening, the update should take effect.

I’m very sorry for this inconvenience. We’ll do our best to avoid interruptions like this in the future.


Austin on behalf of the Cirkit Design Team