Can I Add Code (someday)?

Did I miss something? Is there currently any way to add code to the microcontrollers?

I see hints that the roadmap includes “Arduino IDE”. Would the app then simulate? That would be amazing, and I’d express my gratitude with my wallet. If not, I’m confused why there’s a big list of microcontrollers. Surely the goal isn’t merely to draw circuit diagrams?

Thank you for asking! And perfect timing!

We’re a few weeks (2-3) away from releasing the IDE. The IDE has the full editor capabilities of vs-code, as well as the ability to compile + upload to all Arduino boards, as well as a built-in serial monitor, similar to the Arduino IDE.

Along the same time-frame, we’re also releasing reference circuits, which will essentially be a bunch of circuit designs that include the circuit layout (wiring), part purchase links, and the associated Arduino code. The intent here is that a vast library of reference designs with layout+code bundled together will make it much easier to design a circuit, rather than starting from scratch.

The simulator is also on our radar, but we haven’t started building that out yet.

I’m curious, do the capabilities we’re releasing in the next few weeks (the IDE with built-in compile/upload, and a library of reference designs) sound useful to you?

I have a moderately complex ESP8266 project I’ve been working on for awhile. The edit / compile / upload / test cycle is brutally slow. So obviously, doing all of that under simulation would be a huge win. But I need all of the pieces in place or there’s no point. Wi-Fi simulation has to work. GPIO simulation has to work. The breadboard circuit simulation has to work. Hope that helps and good luck on your very ambitious project.