Adding Wire Tags

With multiple or many components on the boards, keeping track of which wires go to which pins and what their purpose is, is difficult. Adding the ability to add a wire tag to either an endpoint of the middle of a wire would be exceedingly useful. Having these tags appear and disappear with the wire when the wire is selected and deselected so that the layout is not obstructed would also be useful.

Adding coordinates to wire tags would be useful for laying out a circuit on a real breadboard while copying the schematic from Cirkit Studio

Adding an estimated wire length to the tag would help when using custom wires on a breadboard. A full wire tag would look something like this:

Clock Cycle

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I love all of these suggestions, especially the estimated wire length!

We have some major upgrades to the breadboard wiring UX planned in the next couple of weeks - we can definitely add this to our plan as well.

For wire length, we can display the straight lined distance and also manhattan distance, since I could imagine both being useful depending on the circumstance.

Both of those would be good, especially for people who work with breadboards like Ben Eater.

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