Adding Wire Buses

On many IC’s, a large number of their consecutive pins are used to interface with other chips or components. With a wire bus, multiple wires can be represented with one thick wire that frays to the destination pins at each end. Adding this feature would be useful, especially when connecting Arduino pins to IC’s or any other element similar to an IC.

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Great suggestion! We can definitely look into adding this capability once our more basic features are more complete.

Related to your suggestion, do you find the breadboard layout sufficient as the primary entry point for designing your circuit layout. Would a true schematic layout make this workflow easier, or would you find this more cumbersome?

I feel like the current program is better for quick prototyping and the best entry point. Having used multiple schematic editors, finding the right components can be difficult and time-consuming, whereas Cirkit Studio all but eliminates this and lets the user focus on getting an idea from their head to the computer. I would like to see a schematic editor in the future, and switching between the breadboard and schematic would be fantastic for quickly changing the design, but I don’t think it would be as useful as the current layout editor.

This is really good to know. We’ll definitely keep in mind the possibility of adding a schematic editor in the future, but we’ll focus first-and-foremost on enabling and excelling at quick prototyping.

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