Cirkit Designer V1.0.2 Released!

We’re excited to announce that we just released Cirkit Designer V1.0.2 with some big changes.

  • We’ve added a bill of materials, which shows purchase links for the parts in your circuit, as well as real-time pricing and availability!

  • Parts now have links to data sheets

  • With a click-and-drag, you can now select multiple parts at once

    • We’ve also standardized our keyboard shortcuts to follow best practices. For reference, here are all of the new shortcuts:
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Manual Manipulation + Positioning of Wires

Looking forward, we’re now focusing on some major extensions to Cirkit Designer:

  • A library of reference designs - essentially working circuit templates you can add to the project you’re buiding!
  • An IDE, powered by the VS-Code engine, with the ability to compile and upload Arduino sketches.